Wednesday, June 22, 2011

happy ^^,,


tak sampai 24 jam kan?
da ade yg baru. haha

aku mmg takde kje nak update blog je sentiase.
btw, this my lovely blog will be my bestie 4 eva ! :)

he said : SYG KAU WEYY

and i feel like .. ''oh,gosh ! u make my heart beats faster..sounds like...dupdap,dupdap. 1 beat per half in second. haha'' .
hehehhe.. my face flushed in pink. ^^,,
really. i am shy rite now.

OMG ! help me.
i am super dupper shock .
hahaha. yeehhhaaaa !

thanks dude ! nice to know u .
n thanks 4 being my r*****e
hee~ tc dear.

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