Saturday, October 8, 2011

i will be okayy soon .


hye there ! :)

from now on, i'm going to stop thinking about the miracle word called ..... ?

what is the miracle word? haha.

the word is ''L.O.V.E''

i think, thats the end 4 all my love story in my teenage period.
maybe,i guess so.

its such a waste if i keep waiting and waiting.
but at last, it does not give any profit to me.

ahahhhh ! 1 more thing that u guys should know.

i'm going to change myself, be more better girl.
or in other word,i wants to be ''solehah'' :)
insyaAllah,amin~~ (please pray for me)

using this way, i can put aside all my sadness .
i wants to be closer with Allah.
i wants to seek his bless n forgiveness.

''la tahzan'' . dont be sad, Allah will always with you.
He NEVER leave,or forget you.

*aku insan biase yg msh lagi mncari identiti dri. smkin aku crk,smkin aku tak jumpe.. astaghfirullah. mungkin,aku banyak dosa. dear Allah,please forgive me. amin~


thanks for reading this trash. :)