Sunday, November 13, 2011

course registration :)


yeppi !
i am done with course registration.
the procedure are as easy as an ABC.

i cant wait to study back.
it doesnt matter if i have to face my hectic life again.
i think,it is more better than laying whole day in my bed and online.
then,thinking about my past.
it will only hurt me.

i've made my plan.
midsem break,i wont go home.
i wants to find a place that can makes me far from all my problems.
i am not running away from my problems okay.
i just need time to think. need space to be alone for a while.

dear my family, please dont worry about me.
i can take a good care of myself.
dear you, i wish u're happy with your own world.
dont ask me why i become like this.
dear frens, please be with me while i'm far away from my family and him.

dear Allah. please bless me always.
and please make sure that all my beloved people,are always safe wherever they are.
only you can watch after them while i'm not there for them.
Allah. please. give me some peace.
make me as a strong girl. please, built up back my strength.

*Allah,only you that i trust the most. only YOU. i know, U wont break my heart.

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