Wednesday, February 15, 2012

broken inside.


hey there. u know what ? it is not only u who is hurting inside.
dont u ever forget about me and my heart.

i am who i am. and this is who i am.
dont u ever dare to stop me from being myself.

u dont know me well.
i know myself more than u know me.

stop from provoking me please.
it is useless if we are still continue with our relationship if my heart is not for u.
i am so sorry. so sorry.
i dont meant to hurt you.

go away, and find your own path , your own happiness.
let me be alone. its okay. i am always okayy.

dont worry. time will heals everything.
i wish u all the best. i still wanna call u as my friend
and i am always concern with my friend.

it is up to u to judge whoever i am.
it is none of my business anymore.
take care and stay safe.

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