Saturday, March 3, 2012

we are okay and will always be ok !


hye guys !
dah berhabuk dah blog aku.

tau knpe tajuk aku mcm tuh?
it is because , lately i am feeling like i am losing someone.
someone who is very important in my life.
someone who always encourage me.
some who i called as my ''soul-mate''.

did u know her ?
some maybe yes, and some maybe no.

erm. it has been a quite long time since i last talk to her.
wow~ i felt like i was abandoned.

i don't know what i am thinking like this.
maybe i am too negative.
till i updated my status in FB,
she commented on it.
she repeated my words- ''"walau jauh mana pun kita nanti, you'll always in my heart''.

i am soooooooo touch ! aww~ :')

i know, we're too busy rite now.
till both of us doen't have enough time to get along together.
perhaps, i am the one who can't understand the situation.

i am sorry, yii
it was my fault.

yes, whenever and wherever u are,
u will always be in my heart.
u will always be my ''soul-mate'' .
FOREVER. i promise u.

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