Wednesday, July 4, 2012

tea time !


hye guys ! :)

actually i got nothing to do since i am off today.
i don't go to work.
so,its quite boring !

then, i decided to make some food for tea time ! hehehe.

4.30 pm.
i prepared all the things that needed for making ''mee hoon goreng''
and also. i boiled some water.

4.45 pm.
the things prepared. :)
water boiled already.

then,i started to cook.
i put the mixture of garlic and onion, anchovies, chillies and sauce.
then, i stir them carefully.
then, i put some salt and ajinamoto.
then, i put prawns, small pieces of chicken,carrot and egg.
then, put the mee hoon.

tadaaa ! done already ! :D

then, i further with nescafe.
i put some boiled water into a jug.
put two spoons of nescafe and 5 spoons of milk.
then, its ready to serve.

i had my tea time with my nephew and my sister in law.
phew~ it was a great moment actually.
had a tea time with family, having a chit chat.
laughing together.
wahh~ it is so cooollll XD

hope i can create this moment again.

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