Sunday, October 28, 2012



hye guys.
sorry for the delay.
nowadays, i'm too busy with quizzes,tests,homeworks,cocurriculum and hostel.
ahhh~ tired !

plus, i'm working rite.
part timer at mini mart in uitm.
salary is just fine.
i've been paid by hour.
have 2 shifts : morning (9 am - 4 pm)
evening (4 pm - 11 pm)

i always took evening shift.
it is because, i'm not a morning person. hiheww.

now, lets take a look at my picture.
as an evidence that i'm not lying okay ! :P

*in this mart,there are no specific work for specific worker.we need to know every single thing : tag the price,arrange the stocks and handle money (cashier)*

*this is me : CURI TULANG. hihi.*

this is the process of learning. i have to learn how to get money.
so that, i will not be such a money-wasted girl.

then, i go to setia city mall.
search for something.
i dont know what is the ''something'' is.
hahaha. *actually i dont know what to buy at that time.
i got my ptptn, but i dont know what to do with the money.
my friends bought new handphone, new laptop, new watch, new clothes. new motorcycle.
so, i spent that money for movie : SINISTER.
sinister is the best movie ever !
i watched it with iqa.
she got scared and jump from the chair. hahaha

i also bought shoes and bag from RUBY :)
i got discount ! yeayhh.
here the things are :

*one bag, one gold sandal and one brown shoes*

if there is no discount, the actual price for this three things is rm232.
but after discount, i only got rm35 !
yes, this is real. :D

lets take a look one by one.

*the actual price is rm124. but after discount, rm15 only *

*actual price is rm79. after discount : rm15 *

*actual price is rm29 . after discount : rm5 *

this is also call as learning.
learn how to spent money on worthy things.
have standard but the price is cheap. hihihi.
i'm sure that just a few girl can go shopping like me. :P

next post, i will also update about *learning*
:) during degree, i have to learn as much as i can.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

my heart beat :)


dear mum,
it was almost 3 years since you passed away.
and yet, i'm still loving you.
still missing you.

i hope that u will enter to jannah.

when i have problems, i always need you.
i want you to hug me, kiss me and even comfort me.
yes, i'm still a little girl who always crying when others hurt me.
nowadays, world are seems cruel to me.
people didn't treat me well.
family are miles away from me.
bestfriends have their own path right now.

mum, how are you there?
is it okay?
may you rest in peace mum.

you will always here,in my heart.
you will stay as my heart beat FOREVER.
no one can replace you.
even i have a few adopt mums.
but they will never be the same like you.

you are MY ONLY ONE.

sincerely,adik :'')