Saturday, October 6, 2012

my heart beat :)


dear mum,
it was almost 3 years since you passed away.
and yet, i'm still loving you.
still missing you.

i hope that u will enter to jannah.

when i have problems, i always need you.
i want you to hug me, kiss me and even comfort me.
yes, i'm still a little girl who always crying when others hurt me.
nowadays, world are seems cruel to me.
people didn't treat me well.
family are miles away from me.
bestfriends have their own path right now.

mum, how are you there?
is it okay?
may you rest in peace mum.

you will always here,in my heart.
you will stay as my heart beat FOREVER.
no one can replace you.
even i have a few adopt mums.
but they will never be the same like you.

you are MY ONLY ONE.

sincerely,adik :'')

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