Sunday, January 13, 2013

kajang #i've learned

I've learned,
that people may change immediately.

I've learned,
that family must come first before your friends.

I've learned,
that love isn't complete without toleration and determination.

I've learned,
that friends sometimes can be cruel too.
they can become expert backstabbers.

I've learned,
that studying is much easier than working.

I've learned,
that you cannot change the affection of your own mom,
with the affection of other people's mom.

I've learned,
that everyone has their own family problem.

I've learned,
that life isn't complicated, people are.

I've learned,
that medicine sometimes can't really cure your diseases.

and I've learned all that things,
at small town, with gloomy lights.
with emotional-overflow peoples but nice.
with the busy traffic everyday at its town.
with the burger stalls which open more than 12 o'clock in the morning
and with the beautiful sky at night.

there it is,

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